In a galaxy known as the “Sometime, Somewhere” sits a cluster of wild stars known as Omega Star 7. These are the tales of the crews who dare to call this place home. Sardonic, self aware, and a little bit silly.

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Tricked! Trae has to use his wits to escape the slippery grasp of Cala Mastros, a Namyran ship Thief. Slip relives some buried memories from a life he thought has long since passed him, and Sol continues to bother Slip!


Main Cast

Skyler Giordano – Slip / Han Pandler / Steve

Joseph Surabian  Sol / Bartender 

James Hart – Trae / Spanks / Gabba Gabba the Ghoul / Documentary Narrator 

Luna Orr – Cala Mastros 


Cameo/Collaborator Cast

Seth & DT (Space Castle)  Themselves


Production Notes

Music written by Skyler Giordano 

Cameo Appearances are Scripted/Acted by the Collaborators themselves with Direction from Skyler Giordano


Songs Featured on this Episode:

-Wherever the Stars Take Us

All Songs can be found by searching The Stellar Darlings on your favorite Streaming Platform.

Ambience and SFX were either created by Skyler Giordano or from Epidemic Sound under the use of Proper Licensing


Special Thanks

– A Special Thanks to Space Castle for Collaborating with us on this Episode, they have been extremely supportive of our show their kindness and grace are one of the many reasons this show has continued to be made. Listen to their show Space Castle here ->

– As Always, we would like to thank our friend Riley Stekervetz for listening to this episode and helping us get it to the highest quality possible.


Footnotes, References, and FAQs:

– Moxie is a Major Character from Season 0, she both Helped and Hindered the crew of the Wayfarer, and acted as Vax Arden’s Right Hand, she is also the Daughter of Scraw, one of Slip’s Mentors and a seemingly minor Character in Season 0.


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