In a galaxy known as the “Sometime, Somewhere” sits a cluster of wild stars known as Omega Star 7. These are the tales of the crews who dare to call this place home. Sardonic, self aware, and a little bit silly.

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Captain Tev Ryker is a reclaimer; a salvager exploring the rift in search of things to bring back for money. Together with his only company, an Artificially intelligent Droid named ED-D they find something that may be a little above his pay grade.


Main Cast

Skyler Giordano – Everyone.


Production Notes

All Music was written and Performed by Skyler Giordano

Ambience, and SFX were sourced from Epidemic Sound under the use of Proper Licensing


Special Thanks

– As Always, we would like to thank our friend Riley Stekervetz for listening to this episode and helping us get it to the highest quality possible.


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