In a galaxy known as the “Sometime, Somewhere” sits a cluster of wild stars known as Omega Star 7. These are the tales of the crews who dare to call this place home. Sardonic, self aware, and a little bit silly.

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When asked by the Overseer to retrieve an unnamed Personality Matrix from Alpha B9 the Crew of the Outlander finds that this simple pick up mission is much more than they bargained for…


Main Cast

Skyler Giordano  Slip / Overseer / Zombie Movie Host / D20

Joseph Surabian  Sol 

James Hart – Trae / Scraw / Patches O’Connell 

George Fleagle – The Overlord


Cameo/Collaborator Cast

Krissi of Danger Dames – Moxie Rebelle

Aaron and Katie of Zed1 – Zombie Movies

Christina of Agents of DAMNED  Security Log Narrator

Josh of Mindless Morning Show – Security Officer Welles

Jack of the True RPG Show – Various Survivors

Seth & DT of Space Castle – Themselves


Production Notes

Music written by Skyler Giordano

Additional Music During the Zombie Attack Provided by Paul Dennis

Cameo Appearances are Scripted/Acted by the Collaborators themselves with Direction from Skyler Giordano

Ambience and SFX were either created by Skyler Giordano or from Epidemic Sound under the use of Proper Licensing


Special Thanks

– As Always, we would like to thank our friend Riley Stekervetz for listening to this episode and helping us get it to the highest quality possible.

– A Special Thanks to the Ensemble Cast of Collaborators and Cameo Guest Stars, who took the time to make this episode something special to remember.

you can find their shows below;

Danger Dames | Zed1 | Mindless Morning Show | Space Castle | Agents of DAMNED | True RPG Podcast


Footnotes, References, and FAQs:

– The Crew of The Outlander picked up Trae only days/weeks before the Collector decimated the Population of Alpha B9

– Scraw’s Room was Visited by the Crew of the Wayfarer during an Escape from the Collector.

– While not named in Season 0, O’Hooley’s is the same bar that the Crew of the Wayfarer first met Canton, a Cartel Turncoat that later met his demise at the hands of Vax Arden

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